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Since the Internet’s inception, the need to protect proprietary information and sensitive data from cyber predators has been paramount. More than ever, Data Security is a top priority, “Globally”.

Splitlock™ provides a unique, evolutionary solution with SplitcryptionTM Technology.  Splitlock™ software is a must have for any computer environment!

What is Splitcryption™ Technology?

Source of Access

Stealing access to the Splitlock™ system is more like stealing one key of a two-key safe. The other key, in the two-key safe scenario, is typically secured by a third party. The rules surrounding the basis for authentication of Splitlock™ clients are determined by the client.

As a base level restriction, Splitlock’s™ systems implement Source Address Access Restriction. This restricts the computers from which access to the system can be gained. Beyond that, some clients will make the decision that their systems should be able to have automatic, unfettered access. But many will elect to have access mediated through more sophisticated authentication mechanisms, such as one-time key tokens, biometric authentication mechanisms, or other approaches. Splitlock™ encourages clients to utilize such systems, and puts no limits on their use.

Transformed & Split Data

Splitlock™ is a complete replacement for traditional encryption. Encryption attempts to protect original data in its entirety. Splitlock™ uses cryptographic hash technology (Splitcryption™) to first transform the original data and then split the transformed data so that it becomes unrecognizable on multiple databases. Without access to a cryptographic hash key or series of keys, any data obtained from the Splitlock™ system is rendered useless.

Splitlock™ provides a “disruptive security technology solution”.


Since the Internet’s inception, the need to protect proprietary information and sensitive data from cyber predators has been paramount. More than ever, Data Security remains a top priority, “Globally.” SplitlockTM provides a unique, evolutionary solution with Splitcryption™ Technology.

Splitlock™ is the innovation of Mr. Andrew Tune, a graduate of Melbourne University, Melbourne, AUS and a career IT Security professional. After becoming aware of a locally publicized Data Security breach within the Melbourne Toll Road data base, Andrew approached authorities with a solution to the problem. Mr. Tune’s knowledge of computer systems and security programming, allowed him to develop the initial Splitlock™ platform with the use of Splitcryption™ technology.

Nearly two decades ago, principles of Ezybonds Inc., a software developer and intellectual property owner of the Ezybonds Global Payments system, approached Andrew Tune and acquired Splitlock™ to secure the Ezybonds Global Payments system data. In a worldwide search for state of the art server security, Splitlock™ stood out as the clear winner in simplicity, flexibility and protection.

Splitlock™ Group Limited is a privately-held US security software company with patented hyper-secure cryptographic technology. Incorporated in the US Virgin Islands, and headquartered in Albury, NSW, Australia, Splitlock™ provides state-of-the-art security and data protection as well as customized solutions across government, military, banks, payment systems, communications, corporate, financial, academic, healthcare and other sectors globally.  Demand for next generation Data Security software and security consulting services is expected to explode. Splitlock™ provides a “Disruptive Security Technology Solution” to answer that call.

As its name suggests, data is split into two or more parts and then secured in separate locations. Without a specific cryptographic hash key to re-unite the files from multiple locations, it is virtually impossible to use any Splitlocked data, should it be stolen.

Splitlock™ is very flexible in relation to where and how data is stored. There are many variations to how this technology can be applied, from protecting secure databases to providing ultra-secure data lockers within mobile devices such as; laptops, cell phones and PDA’s.

The Splitlock™ application is an ideal Data Security solution for; payment intermediaries, regional and local financial institutions (including banks and credit unions), credit bureaus, educational organizations (including universities and research labs), military, government and corporate security divisions, securities exchanges, healthcare records administrators, hedge funds with proprietary databases, ports, airports, shipping terminals and many others. In today’s environment of increased cybercrime activity, Splitlock™ with Splitcryption™ Technology is the perfect remedy.

Splitlock™ is by its design an order of magnitude harder to crack than industry best encryption. This lead improves the larger a database is, making Splitlock™ ideal for implementation in large enterprise environments. Splitlock™ is a must have for any computer environment!

It’s virtually impossible to use stolen data after it has been secured by Splitlock™.

Management Team

Patrick Scammell – President

Pat brings a wealth of experience having worked in senior positions in Public, Private, Government and not for profit sectors over the last 20 years. Included in this time, he was a director then Chairman of a publicly listed company in the UK for several years. Pat will bring significant experience in marketing, administration, communication and corporate governance to the Splitlock™ team. Pat currently sits on several private company boards and was an elite track athlete having represented Australia in two Olympics, four Commonwealth Games and two World Championships.

Splitlock™ provides state of-the-art security and data protection solutions globally.

Splitlock™ Library


The Splitlock™ Library is a central repository for all the information you need to understand how products can work to secure your most valuable data and transactions.

To use the Splitlock™ Library, choose a certain product or program, and click on the link to access the information you want. Feel free to view all Splitlock™ documents, or choose to view only certain documents.

If you do not find the information you are seeking, or, need to expand your research, please Contact Us and we’ll help you get the answers you need.

The Splitlock™ Library is coming soon.

Your data is Splitcrypted™ into two or more parts and locked away on separate databases.

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